Tuesday, January 25, 2022

First game of the Year

 As I was breaking down the Christmas Train table I decided I should try to get a game in One Hour Skirmish Wargames seemed to fit the bill. The first try was with the first scenario in the book, Capture the Cannon, using AWI figures. After two turns I realized I had made a few mistakes so decided to start over. 

For the second game I used GNW figures. 

The Swedes with their Cossack allies moved up to the cannon to keep the Russians from recovering it. The Russians quickly attacked with part of their cavalry while the infantry moved up on the left. The Russian cavalry overpowered the opposing Swedes but a well aimed shot from a Cossack Marksman killed the Russian leader and the rest of the force lost confidence and fled.

A fun little game. It probably lasted less than an hour but the scenario is only 5 turns long. 

Here's a couple reviews of the rules.

Next up, Captain Hunt goes hunting Boer.

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Warring States Chinese

 The photos of my Warring States Chinese collection.  Most figures are from John Jenkins' with some Watchful Studio figures as well. I have a few more units to paint but currently have enough for two Portable Wargame or two DBA armies.  

Friday, October 8, 2021

Black Sun Ambush

Played a game of Black Sun the other night. Bolted on some
Armor rules. 

NVA ambush a Marine patrol knocking out a truck before leaving and getting crushed by the M-48.

 More photos from Saltflats1929

Monday, March 8, 2021

I feel a need to get back to it.

First I need to get used to the way blogger works now. Many of my posts were of games played or trips taken which haven't been happening this year. Work was busy throughout the summer and over the holidays and the habit was broken. however I have been painting so not all is doom and gloom. I finished the goal set for the Great Northern War armies and managed to take some photos.
The GNW Collection

Monday, May 25, 2020

We're almost to the end of May and it's my first new post.  I had thought I would get more posting done but that's not been the case. Work has been busy even though we lost a major part of our business. The restructuring we did to meet the new requirements of the customers has made the job much more labor intensive with no major financial gain, still we're lucky to have work at all and have avoided getting sick. I've been preparing for a twenty three mile one day hike so what free time I get has seen me off into the woods.

Pollepel Island in the Hudson River. Link

Others blog posts have been occupying much of my reading and providing inspiration and thoughts. A recent one by Jonathan Freitag  over on  Palouse Wargaming Journal was very good. Generally after reading most blogs I would search catalogs or rules sets this one had me got to the recipe index and make some burli, a favorite bread of mine when working in Switzerland.

My wife was happy with them though I think I let the starter age a little longer next time. 

Another blog post I was impressed by was this one by Michael T. Murphy He actually counted all his unpainted figures, detailed by period/genre. I get a headache just thinking about doing that.

I have done some painting finally finishing off a few Empress Vietnam figures.

USMC Ontos.

USMC Recon.

So there it is. Seven weeks of work, fun and inspiration.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Classics Illustrated and Toy Soldiers

I saw this on the Web an thought it was a great idea so down to the basement I went. (Actually it took a few days to it.) Here's the inspiring post from Toy Soldiers "Made In Germany" on Facebook.

Here we go.
Britain's Detail.

Sash & Saber 28mm.

Ral Partha 25mm.

FreiKorps 15 15mm. 

Essex & FreiKorps 15mm.

Woodens 28mm.

Redout 28mm.

Britain's 54mm

Foundry 25mm.

Timpo 54mm

Friday, April 3, 2020

Working on Painting, photography and hiking.

Since gaming has been ruled out as an activity other hobby activities have been budgeted more time.

My non gaming photos have never come out well so I tried a few other things still not great but I think they're a little better. Last nights test shots. Still getting some shadows.

War of 1812 Delewares by Conquest.

War of 1812 Kentucky Mounted Rifles by Old Glory

Boxers by Scruby

USMC & Boxers by Scruby
Here are a few GNW Figures I shot early one morning.
Karl XII by Holger Eriksson 

Russian Grenadiers by Andy Stadden

Swedish Cavalry by Holger Eriksson

The hiking trails are a little more crowded but there's plenty of space for all.
View of the Bear Mountain Bridge from the south.

Random stream.

I actually see more deer in by backyard but this one was about 15 feet away.

Water so clear in my younger days I would have drank it.

All in all things are good. I'm lucky to have hobbies and a spouse who shares one and has some of her own :-).  Thanks to all who stopped by for a read there's so many great blogs out there I'm having trouble keeping up with them all.