Saturday, June 15, 2019

Another day in the garden.

There had been some rumors and gnashing of teeth that the local game store would be closing fortunately for the people who game there it hasn't happened and the plan is to keep the Brick & Mortar part of the business open. I understand that most of their business is online. I understand the challenges they face keeping the B&M part open. It can't be easy and I have tried to support them by purchasing supplies and things when I can. Lately they've increased Historicals so it's been easier to do this. The club that meets at the store seems to be good at supporting the store as well which only makes sense. The store staying open gives gamers a place to meet, keep terrain and play. The allocated table space may get smaller but Vets Night is still being held and this is good for us gamers.

All that brings us to last weeks game of Chainmail Bikini. Once again Howard broke out his Chinese garden. We each had a group of three heroes this time looking for treasure held in the garden as well as controlling six guards. This time we placed the guards on the opposite side from our heroes to make them more threatening. In all the photos I tried to get in close to show off Howard's well made table.

Monks prepare to cross the stream.

The monks get their first treasure.

My guards attack the other group of thieves.

The other monk engages a guard.

Bloodied from the fight the monks are still able to find more of the valuables.

All the guards are alert now.

The monks are clearing away unseen.

This month also saw a visit to NJCON. My schedule that day was a little tight but I was able to get down there for a few hours. First stop upon arriving  was the flea market. I had a few things to sell and wanted a look at what was available. Plenty of good deals could be found but I was able to keep my focus. Next stop was the vendor area. Lot's of temptation here. Next was the gaming area. I hit this in between sessions so not many games were being played. I did see a  Third World War Micro Armor, 28mm AWI, 28mm Viking Siege of Paris and set up for a few tournaments.

So in the end. I sold enough to cover the LOTR figures, WWII vehicles and Osprey book. In the dealer area I picked up some of the new Empress Vietnam US Marines. Very nice figures.
I was able to play a few turns of the AGW game before I had to leave.

The French center.

The Chasseurs prepare to engage the Britons.

The Suffragettes bicycle troop.

Thin red line.

The French advance.

The British center prepares for the enemies attack.

The French left.

June has proven to be a good gaming month but Women's World Cup will be cutting in to some of the hobby time.


Friday, May 31, 2019

More May games.

A fairly productive and fun filled month for the Wargaming hobby. I was able to get plenty of  painting done completing 60 figures. I had bought 54 and this may be the first time I was able to paint more than I bought in a month when the purchase was that high. The only picture I took of this months production was of six US Marines by Scruby now owned by Historifigs. Very nice figures and I'm looking forward to more from this line to be released.

The remainder that was painted covered many periods. 
 Vikings, TYW Cmd painted as Swashbucklers, AWI Hessian Art, GNW Russian Art, 1812 Kentucky Mtd, Serbian Art Officer, and Dutch Bicycle troops. This is keeping me well ahead for this years "The Pledge".

The fun part of the month involved three games the first I posted earlier. The second was another try of A Nobleman's War. A five player game involving besieging a castle and the relief forces. We were unable to complete the game so left it set up for another night. Dedicated man caves are great to have!
The besiegers move in towards the castle.
Crossbow men defend the ramparts.

A relief force moves up.  

A second relief force attacks the besiegers.

The second besieging force moves into the flank of the relief force.

A crushing flank attack.

Mounted Knights melee on the plain.

The last game was on a new game board Howard has built representing a Chinese Garden. The game was Chainmail Bikini with two groups of thieves attempting to steal an amulet and escape. 

the Koi pond

A great table and scenario as is to be expected at Howard's.

Next months plan is to finish off some GNW Swedish cavalry and finish some of the buildings and cars I have for Mad Dogs with Guns.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Something for everyone.

With the first nice weekend forecasted and no obligations it was time to get out and do stuff. An impromptu trip down to Pennsylvania put us on the Delaware Canal Tow Path starting in Washington Crossing and riding up the New Jersey side to Lambertville over to New Hope and back down to the start. We did a quick tour of the museum and watched the video before heading out. Not a huge site but informative enough.
Heron along the canal

One of several buildings at the park.

The trusty stead with the bridge crossing the Delaware from PA to NJ.


Looking out over the river.

Unable to stay over night because every hotel was booked or way above our price range we headed back home after an excellent dinner at 55 Main in Flemington.

After knocking out a quick hike Sunday morning I took advantage of the weather to try my hand at casting. An ad hoc set up got me rolling but I had some mixed results. 
The setup.

Varied results.

The final keepers

Back to the melting pot.

A fun filled and productive weekend had by all.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Resisting the Warlord sale

Last week Warlord Games held a sprue sale. This sale offers a great deal on many of the sprues produced by Warlord. The first week Gates of Antres and WWII were for offered two periods easy for me to resist but this week Pike & Shotte were on sale with figures costing as low as US $0.38 per figure. Now here's a period I could get behind. I had just finished painting a few of the command figures and feel they are some great figures easy to assemble and paint. I've been looking at doing a small army for sometime now but also I've been trying to control the lead pile and budget. The GNW has been the project that was to be the focus for this year so starting something new wasn't what I wanted to do.

Luckily I was saved by an email from Howard. He told me that some 40mm figures that we had bid on arrived and I could pick up my share. It was just enough to keep me from pulling the trigger on the Warlord figures. 

So here's what I got.

The Whole Lot

US Marines

US Cavalry

US Marines


I'm pretty impressed by the Scruby figures. They didn't seem to be available when I started the Shiny Toy Soldiers project but they are now and very nice indeed. These may become part of a different project with a different painting technique.

The other dent in the budget came from a purchase from a fellow TMPer who sold me some of the Woodens Foreign Legion and Arabs. I had two boxes of these from way back but missed getting more before the company stopped producing them. I hope to get more someday but should have enough for a small game.

Foreign Legion 


Arabs firing.

Arabs with Swords.

So not exactly the best way to keep from spending money but as many of you know the temptations are always out there.