Sunday, September 30, 2018

Flint & Feather review.

A few years ago Howard asked if we could try some combat rules that he was working on of course I agreed. I was happy when he showed up with beautiful looking Native American figures ( and somewhat envious of them). Although I like to use my own figures when playing I'm always willing to play with figures that are well sculpted and painted such as these were. The rules were similar to Battle Troll but the tweaked a bit to give more of the combat style of the period. A few more games followed and time passed on. Then Howard mentioned that Bob Murch who had sculpted the figures was interested in the project, there was a blog with a group posting their playtests, the game showed up at the conventions and then the Kickstarter was launched.

The Kickstarter was funded quickly and work started on the rulebook. Pulp Figures produced some more figures, rules were tweaked, player aids improved, The figures shipped, and then the book and cards were sent out.
The Kickstarter

Here's what I got. Rulebook (hardback), a set of attack/defence cards, 28 miniatures (unpainted) representing Huron and Iroquois and a bonus Great Warrior.

The figures had been sent out ahead of the rulebook so I was able to paint them up. They're great sculpts and were fun to paint. I used the guide on the website but there is one in the rulebook and the photos in the book are provide inspiration.


The production quality of the book is outstanding. Filled with pictures of the figures in action and  artist's drawing for more inspiration. Organization moves from an introduction to forming a Warband, Combat, Campaign, Supernatural, Scenarios and Optional rules. In the back is an index and all the charts, roster and cards needed to play.
Combat Cards

example page

example page

example page

The game sequence is player1 rolls to see who can activate (one group,all groups) activate, player2 reacts, player1 activates again and then it is player2s turn. Combat is by card draw and then a die roll to determine winner. Damage is rolled for on a chart. It plays quicker than those two sentences. There's lots more to the rules. We've played mostly straight up combat games but may try a campaign game out soon.   Some AARs are posted elsewhere on this blog.

I knew I liked the game before joining the Kickstarter and feel that the quality of the book, figures and cards was well worth the price.
Check them out

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

From beginning to end.

This time of year keeps me busy with work,vacation and exercise. I haven't been getting much painting done or playing done however last weekend I was able to do something I've wanted to do for awhile now but always seemed too pressed for time to do.

I live on the western shores of the Hudson river and ride my bicycle for exercise. Normally I'm with a group or trying to get the ride in before work. Surprisingly this past weekend on day with a poor forecast for outside activities I found myself with a changing weather pattern and route.

The Weather channel called for rain to start in about an hour and I felt like I had just enough time to get a quick ride in. I planned on going out for about 15 miles and headed to a local off road path. The sun was peeping through when I saw the marker on the side of the path, the writing blurred a little and not photogenic.

Within these woods, in the early morning hours of September 22, 1780, American General Benedict Arnold and British Major John André plotted the surrender of the American fortress at West Point. While attempting to return to British lines, André was captured by American soldiers. He was tried, convicted and hanged as a spy at Tappan on October 2, 1780. Arnold escaped capture and joined the British army.

I decided here that I should ride down to Tappan where the story continues.

Had things been planned better my wife could have met me and we would have had lunch in this fine restaurant

Looking to see this to it's conclusion I went over to Andre Ave. and up the hill to the Andre Monument

I ride past these sites and others often but rarely stop to enjoy them. This type of ride needs to be put into the rotation more often.

When I got home I saw this article in my feed. Some coincidence!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Missed a month.

The one hobby activity I missed out on in June was writing a blog post. I had started one and it's still in the draft stage but it needs a little more work. I did get some painting in but nothing was finished. Flashing Steel and Disposable Heroes were played and both provided a great game.

This month saw the start of a new aspect of the Hobby, casting miniatures. I had some old equipment from when I was a kid and had bought some molds about a year ago but hadn't used them. I had a few hours before work so gave it a try. I got the basics OK but will need a few more times to improve the results. It's pretty exciting producing the figures by yourself and I can see this being fun way to do a new project.

The Prussians from a newer rubber mold came out fairly well the Native Americans from an older metal mold not so good. Practice should help.

Friday, May 18, 2018

If you are in a hurry you should scurry!

We decided to give Five Core Company Command another try. Our first game was fun, we did fudge some rules tweak the activation system and left stuff out but it was fun and after we were able to see what we missed.

The rules use a activation system were you are given a number activations equal to one activation per three squads in your force. You then roll a D6. A 1 lets you activate all your units but you can only move your units and after the other side can move theirs that were in line of site of the ones you moved. 2-5 allows you to activate your units (move ,rally,fire) based on the number of activations you have in your pool, a 6 has you shooting all and then opponents return fire. Combat uses two different color D6s one is a shock die the other a kill die. Rolls of 1and 6 affect the unit, 2-5 having no effect. Ivan explains it much better in the rules:-).

Our scenario was much the same as last time with the Germans and Americans attempting to occupy and hold the village. Matt moved his troops up quickly while I was a little slower to advance. It then became a slow grind for the Americans to dislodge the Germans from the buildings.

We finished the game in about two hours. Was a tie but came down to the last die roll with the Americans rallying a unit to get control of the building.

There's a newer version of the rules than the one I had so the next time we'll try those out and add the bits we've missed.

American armor approach the village

German Infantry move up.

Another building occupied by the Germans.

Two Shermans are knocked out.

Finally the Americans get into a building.

German armor threatening the American flank.

Again there's more photos over on Matt's saltflats1929again blog

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flashing Steel and Paper Buildings.

Howard and I got together for a second try of Ganesha Games Flashing Steel  . Howard made the scenario and brought the buildings. I provided the table and beer. Neither of us had read the rules recently and we relied on our previous game for how the game went. The scenario had me as a gallant and handsome rogue accused of thievery and pursued through town by the Watchmen assisted by nosy citizens and lackeys. I was aided by a young lady who besides her charm was adept at disarming the guards she encountered. Here's a few photos of the midpoint of the game.
The action starts at the Tavern on the top right.

Looking up the street towards the stables.

The action heats up.

As in all towns everything happens near the fountain.

I look for a chance to get past the Guards.

A concerned busybody point me out to anyone who would listen.

We had a great time and the rules are fairly easy to grasp. The rulebook is a little difficult to follow and I would say part of it is me using a PDF instead of a hard copy. There's lots in the book to create characters and add color to the game. 

The building were very nice. Thick card colored with detailed interiors. Check them out here.

More on the game at Howard's blog
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I was sent to clean my room.

And found some things never change. So it was a rainy day and the only thing on the honey do list was picking up a mattress. I decided it would be a good day to clean/organize the workroom. Not a task I enjoy but things had gotten out of hand and came to a head when I went looking for a bolt to put a headboard together and dumped three jars filled with nuts, bolts, washers screws and various other thingies on top of the work table to find the size I needed, yes after that I went to the hardware store and bought the right size. I clean and slightly organized the hardware then pulled out some boxes to re stack them in a more compact space then I opened one of the boxes. Hey I remember these...
These remind me of a Pauline Baynes drawing.
I forgot I had these..
Airfix WWI Germans repurposed as British attacked by the Tarzan set Africans.

I was glad when Ral Partha came out with British and Zulus.
What else is in here?

Bond, James Bond.

Green Hornet.

I've got to get it all out now.
The box says it all.

I need to bring out the Castle.

When I decided that 4 shells weren't enough I sawed up some nails to make more.

Collectors will hate me but I really want to pull these guys out and use it for Flint & Feather.

The final charge.

Not in scale with Airfix but saw a lot of action.

Much as it was when my Mom sent me up to clean my room more time was spent "playing" than actual cleaning. A well spent four hours anyway. I've decided that I need some shelving to help with the organization but there's no rush and the main part of the work area is clear enough to paint on.