Friday, April 29, 2016

A Gentleman's War the new GW

We played another game of A Gentleman's War last night but this time using Howard's plastic AWI flats. These are vintage figures from the 1960s that were sold on the back of Comic books. There is some great information on them here . Howard pick these up at a flea market, one of those great finds, touched up the paint and rebased them. It was a pleasure playing with these figures.

Our game was the usual line them up and attack. The units had more figures than previous games so that changed things a bit and we used more terrain. There is still some work to do on the deployment rules but I think the game is pretty solid and gives the feel of a toy soldier game.

So here are some photo's of the game as usual once the action started I forgot to get photos.

The opposing Armies

The Patriots move up

The Crown's forces advance

Mohawks skirmish with the riflemen in the woods.

Hessians advance on the center.

Riflemen supported by dragoons skirmish with the Mohawks.

British line charge the guns

Continental artillery hold their ground 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Another game with the Little Britons

We had another game with the LBs. I started to take pictures but became caught up in the action and forgot to continue. Howard's fleshing out the rules and giving a little more detail but as the new title is Gentlemens War it's expected that any disagreements will be decided through polite discussion and a roll of the dice. A rule that allows you to act again with a unit if you draw an Ace came in handy for both of us. Here's the few photo's I took.

I've two more cavalry units on the painting desk along with some limbers and Generals which I hope to get ready for next months game.