Friday, September 22, 2017

A first outing.

Howard wanted to try out the tweaks to the A Gentleman's War AWI. Always up for a game I agreed as did Nate. We met at my house which gave me a chance to break out some AWI figures I had been painting through the years but never had the chance to play with. I  was quite happy with this.

The scenario had four British regiments supported with two units of lights and two guns defending a ridge line. The Americans had a mixed lot Continentals, Militia, Rifleman and two guns, twelve units in total, assaulting the ridge.

Having the first draws the British moved of the ridge to take up positions behind a stone wall and fences.

They didn't make it to the fence before the Militia took up the position. On the British left a fire fight raged in the woods near the farm.

Soon firing erupted along the entire line. 

finally the British center went in with the bayonet but even though they  destroyed the one unit another replaced it and the Brits were forced back. 

One of the tweaks was that at the beginning of the game six cards were drawn from each deck, we used two for this game, and each side could keep up to three cards a hold cards. In this game the British right flank got three cards, the left two both Americans had three cards each. We felt this kept the tempo of the game moving and gave the players a chance to react to the opponents moves. At the second joker all hold cards not played are surrendered. We also discussed whether firing should be one die per every two figures as opposed to the current one per three. Most units were eighteen to twenty four figures but still it took a while to wear down a unit through fire.  I feel the one per three may reflect the period better but one per two may speed up the results. Melee remains bloody and decisive.

It was a great game as usual.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Highjacking.

We met at Toy Wiz in Nanuet for a game of Mad Dogs with Guns. On the first Thursday of the month Toy Wiz and the Club Ordo Malleus hold what they call Vets Night and the store stays open late for gamers to come in to play. It was pretty crowded with about 30 people or so playing when I arrived at 7:45. The crowd had thinned down some by 10:00 but still several games were going strong. WWII and various SiFi games were being played. Two of the guys who run the club came over and welcomed us and chatted a bit about gaming. Several others came by during the night to check out the game. A nice group of people and a great place to play with plenty of tables and light.

So on to the game. Neal "Shoes" and the boys are trying to get a load of whiskey out of town before their rivals can steal it or the Feds confiscate it. Trying not to draw attention they roll down the streets of town. As they reach the center of town guns start blazing.

Despite taking several hits to the car and truck of "Shoes" gang step on the gas and head out in different directions. Neal and his gal jump out of the lead car under the hail of bullets and try to get to the last truck. 

His rival has come into the street and jumped in the truck. Four slugs in chest leaves Neal laying on the pavement wearing his last pair of shoes.


The moll jumps on the truck and everyone in the gang speeds out of town.

Another fun game of MDwG. It took about an hour and a half to play and we were both engaged throughout the game. This completes my 6x6 challenge for the game but I'm sure we'll be playing again. I'd like to get a few more buildings, enough to have two parallel main streets and several side street. I'm thinking a 4'x4' or 4'x6' area. A campaign may also be in the future maybe 3-5 games long.