Friday, March 27, 2015

One Hour Wargames outing.

I got together with Howard for a game this week. We decided to play One Hours Wargames as a good way to use my Little Britons figures. I've enough figures to have two equal forces of 3 Infantry, 1 Skirmish, 1 Artillery and, 1 Cavalry. We used the Rifle and Saber rules. Howard was Red and I played Blue.

First we played Scenario 1 Pitched Battle. In the center Howard defended the hill as I moved up hoping to be just out of range so I would get the first volley. Unfortunately I miss judged it and Howard got the first round. On the flank my skirmish unit battled with his Cavalry. Eventually my center cracked and his Cavalry defeated my skirmishers. I brought up my reserves but it was too late and I was beaten back and defeated.

Here's a few photos of the game I would have taken more but we were having too much fun.

Next we played Scenario 4 Take the High Ground. There was a little more maneuvering in this game as we both tried to gain advantage in the end though Red proved stronger and held on to the high ground.

Both games lasted about an fifty minutes . Simple as the rules are they do offer decision points that make for a challenging and enjoyable game.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little Britons Solo outing part 2

So the battle continues
 Red reenforces the hill
 Blue moves around the flank as his skirmish unit in the woods is eliminated
 The assault on the hill continues with one more blue unit being destroyed.
 The flank attack succeeds in eliminating the remaining defenders making it a solid victory for Blue
This was a fun solo game. The rules are simple but give a good result. It took about an hour to play. This week should see an outing against a live opponent.

Here's a photo in B&W for that true old school feel.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Little Britons on a Solo outing.

Now I have enough figures to play a game with my Little Britons. I decided to try out Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames rules. I picked Scenario #8 to try. Here's the 2 forces.
Army Red

Army Blue
Red has two units on the table at the start of the game and moves first. Blue has half his force enter on the road on turn one. Red has two more units come on during turn three.

 Red has moved his skirmishers into the woods while Blue moves his cavalry north to block the road.and his infantry yo assault the hill.
 The second half of Blues force comes on on turn four.
 The cavalry of both forces fight on the eastern edge of the woods. Blues skirmishers have pushed Reds out of the woods.
 The remainder of Reds force enters from the west. As Blues force sets up to attack the hill. Blues cavalry is supported by infantry.

 Turn nine ends with each side losing a unit. Reds Skirmishers and Blues cavalry.

 to be continued....

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Playing in between the snow flakes.

But in a warmer place :-) This years gaming has been very succesful. Several games each of Bolt Action and Chain of Command. All have been learning games and mostly ended in a draw. I know there's been a debate on TMP about which set models WWII combat better but since I'm not an expert on the subject I can't actually say. I do prefer the mechanics of CoC but BA is just as fun of a game to play.

Here's the BA game,

Next up was a CoC game on Howards' fantastic city terrain.

The Last game of the month was another CoC in a more rural setting.