Friday, March 11, 2016

A game with the Little Britons.

I brought out the Little Britons for a game the other night. We used a set of rules that Howard has started on to play. The working name is Shiny Toy Soldier Rules. The Armies were of the same size being four line infantry units, one skirmisher unit, one cavalry unit and two guns with three gunners each. I'll need to paint up some more gunners for each gun as the rules base firing on the number of gunners. It was your basic meeting engagement. We both forgot to bring a ground cloth so used the table in the Hobby Town and unpainted piece of MDF.

The Blue Army lined up at the start

Red Army center

Red Army right flank

Red Army left flank with the newly painted Greeks.

The Battle started off with a general advance by the Blue Army. The Marines placed in the center. 
Red advanced his left flank and opened fire with both his artillery units. Blue moved up on the his right to counter the advancing Greeks but had his skirmishers pushed back. Opening fire on Red with one gun and the NYS Volunteers forced a morale check on the Greeks and caused them to fall back. 

Meanwhile in the center the Marines charged the woods held by Red's skirmishers. It was a bloody fight but the Hawaians fell back and Blue advanced into the woods where they faced a constant fire from Red's Egyptians.
Over on Blue's left the RCMP charged into the 10th US. After several rounds of melee Blue's cavalry was routed off the board. A firefight raged on between the Canadians and Spanish of Red and the Belgians and Argentines of Blue with Blue getting the worst of it.

Red's cavalry then wheeled to the left chasing off the crew of the second Blue gun and then charged the NYS Volunteers on Blue's right causing them to fall back. The action was heavy all around and our cameraman was headed to the rear just ahead of the troops on Blue's left flank. 
With a stand off on Reds left flank and nothing left on the right to hold Red's advance  Blue conceded the field.