Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Aside from the game with McDuff not much has been going on with the Little Britons Project however there has been some gaming.

First up has been some games of Frostgrave. These games have been loads of fun. I used my LOTR figures to make my band but have since started to paint some figures ti use just for this game.

The other track has been going on since last April. A group I'm in as been playing a SYW game for a while we've met three times and are now on the sixth turn. It's a big battle and has been lot's of fun too bad that work vacations and other things have slowed it up. Next week should see the final rounds of play. It's a beautiful table with well painted 15 mm figures. We started with Konig Krieg but switched to Carnage and Glory for the last four turns. Photos in no particular order.

Thanks for reading next week should see another outing of the Little Britons and in January an order for the final two cavalry squadrons.

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