Saturday, February 4, 2017

Madd Dogs 6x6

 I had put Mad Dogs with Guns on my list for the 6x6 challenge because I had a number of Gangster figures and thought it would help motivate me to build the buildings that I had as well as paint the rest of the figures I have. So when Howard asked what I wanted to play this week I suggested MDwG.

 I had a few buildings for the AWI which we used as a small farm and set up a scenario where the G-men would try to arrest some gangsters smuggling in whiskey. We pretty much winged the rules which is easy enough when you're playing with the author.

The G-men waited for the Gangsters to load up the whiskey and then ambushed them as they left the meeting place. The first truck attempted to run past the roadblock but crashed went the driver took three shots to the head. The passenger got up firing but was met with a hail of bullets from the G-men. Still standing after all the shooting the G-men rushed in and beat the thug into submission.

The second car with the boss, his moll, the bodyguard and thug came down the road hoping to chase off the G-men  and reclaim the liquor. Some good firing from the G-men forced the boss's car off the road. In the ensuing gun fight the car blew up killing the boss and his girlfriend. The driver and bodyguard attempted to get away but only the driver was able to survive.

A good day for the Government.


  1. Interesting. I'm guessing that there are some specifics in the rules that focus it on the setting, rather than it just being a straight gun-based skirmish game?

    1. I think a lot has to do with terminology used. The rules have a cinemagraphic feel and are written in a narrative style. they have an action/reaction system which keep all the players involved.