Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Exchange.

Hobby Town in Nanuet has closed. I'll miss the group of people who worked there as they were all very nice. Although they didn't carry much in the way of wargaming I don't think it would be possible for many stores to, they did have paints, tools and items for scenery. I did purchase most of my Osprey books from them as a way of compensating for the table time I used to play games. The team there stayed after hours several nights a week for people to come in and game. Avid gamers themselves this worked well for all involved. The other local store, ToyWiz, has gaming space but only stays open late one night a month. I'd like to have more options.

This brings us to last Thursday's game. We played at my house while my wife went to a friends to sew. I suggested a game of Mad Dogs with Guns since the dinner table was available and my set up is a mere 30" x 40" .  I set up the table, sorted the cards and then told Howard I didn't have a scenario. As usual he jumped in and quickly came up with something.

Howard would be game master and the Cops, Nate and I would be the gang members. The main event was to be an exchange between the two gangs of a bag of money for a bag of documents.

The Exchange

The game starts off with the cops sending the secretary out to get them lunch. The rival gangs pull into town and head towards the Tobacconists where the exchange was to take place.

Everyone is a little leary of the others but things seem to go smoothly as the men go from their cars to the shop.

Nate's accountant waits in the backroom as my boys walk in. We exchange bags and my guy leaves the shop quickly. All seems well until Nate notices I left my main guy behind and he's slipped into the back room.

Nate's accountant runs out the back door with the bag and bullets start flying every where else. Most of my men miss their mark but Nate's boys put three of my guys down. Lucky for me the coppers show up.

Seeing my bagman getting away with the cash Nate's man rushed over and pushed him into one of my cars and had his punk rough up and replace my driver. The cops busted into the shop and arrested the only gangster there who was still standing, Nate's man. Good thing I had paid off the only reliable witness before hand so all this mayhem will fall on him. 

The rest of mine and Nate's men slipped off while the Police patted each other on the back for a job well done.

Another great game of MDwG. The town needs to get expanded to have at least one more street pulse a few key building types. I see myself getting a restaurant, bank, grocery, clothing store and a few brownstones. 2018s project starting to fall in place :-)

Here's the new Facebook page for the game. MadDogsWithGuns

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