Monday, May 25, 2020

We're almost to the end of May and it's my first new post.  I had thought I would get more posting done but that's not been the case. Work has been busy even though we lost a major part of our business. The restructuring we did to meet the new requirements of the customers has made the job much more labor intensive with no major financial gain, still we're lucky to have work at all and have avoided getting sick. I've been preparing for a twenty three mile one day hike so what free time I get has seen me off into the woods.

Pollepel Island in the Hudson River. Link

Others blog posts have been occupying much of my reading and providing inspiration and thoughts. A recent one by Jonathan Freitag  over on  Palouse Wargaming Journal was very good. Generally after reading most blogs I would search catalogs or rules sets this one had me got to the recipe index and make some burli, a favorite bread of mine when working in Switzerland.

My wife was happy with them though I think I let the starter age a little longer next time. 

Another blog post I was impressed by was this one by Michael T. Murphy He actually counted all his unpainted figures, detailed by period/genre. I get a headache just thinking about doing that.

I have done some painting finally finishing off a few Empress Vietnam figures.

USMC Ontos.

USMC Recon.

So there it is. Seven weeks of work, fun and inspiration.


  1. Dan! Good to see you back into the blogging world. Happy to provide a little inspiration and would love to try your burli sometime. Is it Swiss sourdough?

    Your Vietnam figures look great!

    1. Thanks, not a sour dough in the San Francisco sense but a starter that ages a day or two is used. A crusty roll but soft inside.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked them. It's a local park just north of West Point.

  3. Are you going up breakneck ridge?

    1. Storm King Mountain up by Cornwall on Hudson.

  4. Gooooood mooorning Vietnam!

    (Someone had to do it). 😀

  5. Ofcourse, hope your wife is feeling better soon. The reality of this pandemic is so much worse than the two week vacation it looked like in the beginning. Hang in there.