Friday, May 20, 2016

Flint & Feather

Last night was another game of Flint & Feather. They are a set of rules for the wafare among the First Nations of the Geat Lakes region. 

For this game the Huron were out hunting when a Mohawk Stripling decided to make a name for himself and attack on his own. A few shots from his bow wounded a warrior but also alerted the rest of the hunting party to the enemy. The Hurons advanced along three paths, before they caught up to the stripling the rest of the Mohawk warparty arrived. A few exchanges of bow fire and then the Huron charged in. The fight was pretty even and the Mohawks decided to fall back rather than risk any casualties but not before the stripling killed a Huron warrior. There will be much boasting and story telling around the fire tonight. 

The Great Warrior and stripling assist the wounded Huron as the others race towards the Mohawk youth.

The Huron start to close.

The melee in the forest.

Mohawks overlooking the combat below.

Another fun game with this ruleset. I've joined the kickstarter so soon I'll have my own figures to use for the honor of the nation and glory of it's warriors.

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