Monday, May 16, 2016

Huzzah 2016

I just got back from Maine and the 2016 Huzzah convention. Well it was another excellant event. I went on Saturday. There was a handfull of vendors all carrying a full inventory of products I was sorely tempted to pick up some figures with so many lines available to view but was able to hold off. My purchasing fix was filled by a couple of scenario books and about a dozen buildings from 4Ground and Things from the Basement.

The first game of the day for me was Light Bobs. Chris Parker ran the game using 40mm figures.

It was a last man standing scenario using a slimed down version of the game. Chris did a great job explaining the rules and getting us playing. It moved quickly and kept all the players involved through out. If you play this period I would recomend these. 

The second session saw me playing the Japanese in a Chain of Command game. Ken Eckhardt ran the game which had the US Marines assault an airstrip defended by the Japanese. Ken did a great job explaining the scenario both in game terms and it's historical background. The Japanese slowed the Marines advance with a peliminary barrage but the Marines called in a mortor barrage and pinned the Japanese and reduced their force morale to zero effectivly winning the game. The game played well and moved along. 

Walking around the convention provided pleanty of eye candy with well presented games all around.

Here's a Link to more pictures.

This was my second visit to Huzzah! It's a well run event. Not super big but plenty of games, enough vendors with a good selection of products. I would say well worth the trip.