Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 The start and first check mark.

As part of the goal setting for this year I've joined the six-by-six-challenge as described on Kaptain Kobold's blog The Stronghold Rebuilt. It's a pretty aggressive goal being six games each of six rule sets but I think it's doable. The games I've chosen are;

Chain of Command.
A Gentleman's War 
Sharpe Practice 2
Mad Dogs with Guns
Lion Rampant

This last may end more as any of the games that have evolved from it such as The Men Who Would be Kings, Dragon Rampant and The Pikeman's Lament. There are few other rules I'd like to play so we'll see how that goes.

Not wasting any time last Thursday I played a game of AGW with Howard. He was looking to fine tune the cavalry rules and it was a good reason to get my newly painted Uhlans out. I was in command of the invading French cavalry while Howard defended with his British cavalry supported by Gamekeepers and The Women's League both skirmish units. 
The French Artillery watch as the British troops move into range.
The French chase the Women's League of but are attacked by Hussars and Guard Cavalry and quickly destroyed. 
 The Uhlans charge the Guards and are pushed back but not with out doing some damage.

As with most of these battle reports our correspondent became so caught up in the action that he failed to take pictures. The remainder of the battle played out this way. On the right flank the French artillery wreaked the British cavalry enough that the French cavalry were able to chase them off. Over on the left flank the French chasseurs were able to attack the British dragoons from the protection of the woods and then the Chasseurs D'Afrique charged and eliminated them. 

With several British units falling back and it being late we wrapped up the game and declared the French the victors. 

Another great game. There was some discussion on how combats would be resolved and who could decide the sequence. Group movement also came under review. I'd like to try these rules out with someone who is unfamiliar with them and perhaps less amicable than Howard and I are. 


  1. Great looking game and interesting plans for 2017. I really must get my semi flat 40mm chaps out and give AGW another go soon.

  2. Thanks. Howard should have an updated version up on the Yahoo group in the next week or so. I'll be looking forward to some photos of those semi flats.

  3. Belated welcome to the 6x6 Challenge. I very much agree it's an aggressive schedule but, for me, if I don't get given a big shove I won't do anything. It's really interesting to see what everyone is doing, the only problem being I might keep changing my mind as to which 6 games I will play!

  4. I know what you mean. Lion Rampant may end up being spread out between Dragon Rampant, The Men Who Would be Kings and Pikeman's Lament.