Monday, January 16, 2017

CoC and 6x6

The January update.

On the 12th we played a game of Chain of Command. This is on my list for the 6x6 challenge so a double plus. Nate set the game up and did the patrol phase in advance as time is short when playing at Hobby Town. Howard and Nate were the defending Germans and I attacked with the Americans. Nate started with a triple activation and was able to bring on much of his platoon. Howard then brought on two squads. A decent roll by me brought on a squad and some supports. The attack struggled to get off the ground but started to threaten the German left. Unfortunately for the Americans the German right quickly advanced and flanked the Americans.

We played for about 2 1/2 hours. I'm not very familiar with the rules which is why I put them on the 6x6 challenge. Nate has a good command of the game and guided us through.

Realizing that the challenge would be difficult I jumped at the chance to play another game with Matt at his house. Garrett joined us for an Attack/Defend scenario. The roll for support was much better today giving the Americans two Shermans. We did the patrol phase which is bit of a game in itself that I need to study and practice more. The Americans moved on the board quickly and set up a fire base in the farmhouse. The Germans brought on a FO who although did bring the artillery as desired did occupy the  Americans who where trying to knock him out.

More troops arrived and an aggressive firefight ensued. The Germans used a CoC die to bring on their panzerschreck with knocked out one of the shermans. The American assault bogged down then while they waited for the other sherman to arrive. It arrived and after avoiding damage from a panzerfaust and the returned panzersckreck it eliminated the team holding the German left flank.

The game was much more exciting than my report let's on. Each phase brought both side closer to collapse. Garrett is well versed in the rules and Matt though not having played much had a solid knowledge of them.

This week was a great start to the New Year. Two fun games with great people. I'm three games into the 36 need for the challenge and have improved my knowledge of CoC.


  1. Nice looking game, love the picture where both groups are looking each other on each side of the hedge...Impressive!

  2. Thanks both games were exciting ending with force morale failures.

  3. Looks fun. I've not played these rules, but have heard good things. I look forward to reading more about them as you continue in the 6x6 challenge.

    1. It was fun. I'm hoping to get another game in next week. What I like about CoC is that after a game you think about what you should have done tacticaly not what you got wrong with the rules.