Monday, May 1, 2017

April recap

So April ends with a slow down in gaming. Only two games this month one AGW with 28mm AWI figures and one F&F. Both fun games with lots of action. AARs are the two previous blog posts.

On the painting front I finish off the last unit of cavalry for my Shiny Toy Soldier project. I'll need to take some photos of the completed troops. I also painted some Vikings for SAGA and more Gangsters. I still need more levy troops for Saga and would like a few more policemen for the gangster project. I only took photos of the Vikings

I've managed to keep my buying down so only seven figures were bought this month and I was able to paint thirty one giving me a plus forty figures painted to bought for The Pledge on The Miniatures Page. Over all a successful month on the hobby front. 


  1. I like those Vikings. Who makes them?

    1. The Hearthguard are Gripping Beast and the Bowmen are Artizen

  2. Beautiful figures and photos, well done!