Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lawmen prevail

We got together for a game of Mad Dogs with Guns the other night. Howard wasn't with us but Matt stepped up and designed a scenario for us. Nate and I each had a gang with a primary and secondary objective, Matt played the Cops. As usual the town appeared quiet but soon  the action started.

Dan's headquarters in the factory

Nate's hangout in town boldly placed across from the police station.

I sent the Moll along with an armed escort over to the church to bring the Priest out of town as he had been threatened. The rest of the gang piled in the car and headed down Main St. Meanwhile Nate's crew accosted a beat cop and a gun battle ensued. In the midst of the battle Nate's boss jumped out of his car and grabbed the Accountant out of the Town Hall.

Ignoring the gunfight my gang headed to Nate's hangout and attempted to rob his stash. We had to kill off a few of his men and women but entered the building and busted into the safe. As we were leaving the cops opened up taking down two of my men. the Boss wisely grabbed what he could and exited out the back door.

Nate's second objective was to break in to my headquarters and steal my stash. Although I had left my Torpedo to guard the place his man came in with guns blazing and kill my guy and stole my stuff.

It was a fun game with lots of action. Matt published an AAR on his blog with some great photos.

The rules are being released next month by Osprey.

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