Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What I did last Summer.

 With the start of school I'm reminded of how often our first assignment was to write about what we did during the break from school. As adults our summers don't contain the long break for summer and for some Summer is a busy time for work.

As September began I started to think about The Pledge from TMP and realized I hadn't painted anything in three months. A bit depressing but I started looking at what I had done and saw that despite being busy at work the Summer had been filled with activities though not all gaming related ones.

Our two year old niece had a baby sister in July so the niece came to visit us for a week while Mom, Dad and little sister got acquainted. We had forgotten had labor intensive a small child was but also managed some fun times with her. She did enjoy playing with the horses from my Civil War Playset.

Next came a ten day visit of my daughters dog. Another break in the routine but one that gives plenty of opportunities for hiking.

A day at the beach offered  some scenario inspiration.

Last of the big adventure was a seventy five mile ride around New York City. It was the last year for Transportation Alternatives NYC Century Ride. Always a fun ride I wasn't in shape for the whole event but squeezed out a good ride. It's fun to see the city from the seat of a bike and to take a more relaxed pace through some areas not usually seen. 

While painting miniatures was not an activity I did much of I was able to get a few games in.

Flint & Feather 

Lord of the Rings

A Gentleman's War Skirmish.

Chainmail Bikini in the Scottish Highlands.

I guess I lose points for turning this in late but hey it was fun and that's what counts in a Hobby.


  1. Interesting to read of your summer and the diverse activities which made it up. Looks like an excellent time was had. Do you have any particular hobby plans as we go from Fall through to Winter and beyond?

    1. I hoping to complete my GNW forces by the end of the year. Organizing the AWI collection is on the list but as it seems to be constantly growing that's a challenge.
      Thanks for asking.

    2. What rules are you using for awi?l am currently trying to find a set that all three of our wee gaming group are happy with.

    3. We've been using A Gentleman's War. Distinctions and deficiencies help get the troop quality to where it needs to be. My forces are standard AGW unit sizes but Howard's flats are 20 figure Infantry and 12 figure skirmish units Artillery are still 4 figure units.

  2. Looks to have been a very enjoyable summer despite little painting. Time to paint will come when the weather turns bad. Great to see you out on the bike. 75 miles is an impressive number of miles. Riding around NYC must have been fun.

    1. It was and I've already started back at the paint table. Riding in NYC is always interesting especially early on a Sunday morning.