Friday, June 16, 2017

Attack on the Fort

This week saw the Colonial variant of A Gentleman's War. Still in play test the differences were that most all Moroccan  infantry were six figure skirmish units and on the first Ace the native force was able to bring on units anywhere on the table.

The scenario, the French forces are attacking the local stronghold and then moving onto relieve the garrison at the village.

The French moved up to engage the fort. The Sphais moved around around the flank and engaged some local mounted troops. The infantry and artillery fired upon the fort with little effect.

Suddenly the Moroccan infantry popped up on both sides of the French force. the Turcos moved to engage the Moroccans while the French line continued the assault.

The Chasseurs move back to chase off some enemy skirmishers and the returns to charge the cavalry moving up to relieve the fort.

More native foot move on board and the the Sultan arrive with his guard and charges up the wadi.

The Turcos hold against the Sultans force as the French line bust into the fort and melee the defenders. 

After a bloody fight the Moroccans are cleared from the fort.
The celebrating that followed last for days.


  1. Wonderful looking fort and figures, sounds great!

    1. Thanks, the fort was Matts and the figures are modified Irregular done by Howard.