Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Battle of Fort Detroit.

We got together for a game of Flint & Feather last week. Matt pulled out his log fort and Howard the natives. I played the French commander with Matt as the Huron's and Howard and Nate were the Iroquois.

My first mistake was to have two of my leaders grouped together so I was unable to react as well. After that the dice didn't go my way with most rolls only allowing one group to move. Nate's Iroquois were able to scale the walls unopposed and then kill my musketeer and take his weapon. The Priest then in a moment of inspiration rushed out of the fort to preach to Howard's attacking Iroquois but thankfully I was able to rescue him before capture.

In the end the attack on the fort was repulsed. There was some heavy action over in the Huron village the details of which were lost to me but it seemed that Matt was able to keep the village and gain a few reputation points in the process.

Here's Matt's blog with more pictures of the action.

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