Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Death of the Warlord Again

Halvar and his band of men went a viking into the Normans land. After a meager campaign season last month they hoped to gain some riches from the men of the west. Things looked good as the stumbled across two separate wagon trains of goods led by Rogbert a wealthy but crafty Norman Lord.

Halvar sent one group of Hirdmen and Bondi to wait in the broken ground for a wagon and it escort to approach. Mean while he and the rest of the Hirdmen and Bondi moved up the center hoping to out flank the other group of wagons. Immediately the Norman cavalry attacked the Bondi.

After a fierce combat with some back and forth the Bondi were beat and forced back. Then the Hirdmen realized the wagons were escaping and raced across the open fields to catch up. One wagon escaped but the other fell to the raiders. Halvar remained behind to hold up the cavalry. He slowed their movement but fell to the overwhelming numbers.

Over on the left the northmen advanced into combat with the Norman crossbows unfamiliar with the power of the weapons they rushed across the open ground their numbers dwindling with each step. Then the Norman cavalry arrived to assist the foot troops. 

Having seen the Bondi ridden down and getting  no help from their fellows the Hirdman retired off the board.

A fun game. I'm still not sure of some of the rules and have to develop some better tactics but I have enjoyed Saga at each outing.

Some more pictures are here on Saltflats1929

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