Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Troops arrive.

I jusr recieves my latest order of figures from Spencer Smith. About Two weeks from time of order to recieving from England to NY, USA.
The figures are packed in plastic bags. Bodies arms and heads together with each bag marked by components.
Here's this orders contents
                            Cavalry galloping, Lemmon Sqeezer, Lance Upright
                       To be painted as R.C.M.P.

Home Service marching, Home Service at the trail, Officer Home service, German Full Dress Picklehaube,Flag,Sword at slope.
To be painted as Argentine Military School Cadets

Home Service NCO-Crew, Officer kneeling, Kepi,Prussian style Jager,Empty, Raised.
To be painted as Costa Rican and Swiss.

Ghurkha, Lemmon Squeezer, rifle at the trail.
To be painted as US Army 1916

Casting are pretty clean. I know the Kukri wasn't used by the US but this was the pose I wanted for these troops. Carving it off is an option but leaving it on will be easier. When this lot is painted I should have enough figures for a game, two months if I stay on schedule.

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