Friday, June 30, 2017

Pretenders enter Moria.

Another game night at Matt's. This time our host decided to umpire the game. I should remember some more of the details of the scenario, like my characters name but I was anxious to get gaming in the fantastic terrain that had been laid out before us.

The scenario had to Dwarven Kings who wished to become the High King venture into Moria with he who returns with the most treasure given the crown. The two groups enter the Mines while the Goblins await.

My King enters Balin's Tomb.

Howard's King is attacked by Goblins in the Armoury while mine falls into a trap and is attacked. A Cave troll moves down the corridors to feast on dwarven meat.

My Prince moves into another chamber and are surprised by a another group of Goblins.

The other King forms a line inside the tomb to fend off the attacking Goblins and the assault the Cave Troll. In the other room my Prince's group prepares to defend against another Cave Troll and Goblins.

We called the game because of time but decided that we would like to continue next week so Matt graciously said he would leave things set up and we will play again. The game was loads of fun. I hadn't played the rules in quite a few years and then only once or twice but really liked them. Dragon Rampant were the rules I was thinking of using for LOTR battles but I may have to rethink that. 

Here's the link to Matt's blog with more pictures of his great terrain.


  1. Nice report, Dan. I am having issues with the photos on my blog but will try to get it sorted out and post a narrative soon.

    1. Thanks, your new update was great.

  2. A beautiful and poetic rendition!

    1. Thanks. The terrain and figures are all Matt's I just get to play with them :-)