Friday, August 18, 2017

Pork the other white meat.

This week it was off to Iceland for a game of BattleTroll .

Howard and Nate decided they were hungry for nice roast pork dinner and having heard Matt's pigs were particularly well fed got in their longship and headed over to pick some up.

Matt was having none of this and sent word for me to join him. Always looking for a chance to hone my fighting skills and knowing my men and I would be well fed afterwords we headed out.

Howard wasted little time upon landing as he moved into combat with Matt.

Nate's band moved in just as I arrived and the fight spread across the village.

I was no match for Nate as he laid me out with a blow to the head. My Huscarle stepped in to finish Nate off and force his band back.

The invaders fled back to their ship with little to show for the raid but their wounds.

Battle Troll is a great game for fighting the skirmishes of the Sagas. Activation is by card with the player getting  all move or hero move and civilian move cards. A single end of turn card is used. movement is 2/3 dice inches. Missile combat is a die roll based on weapon and distance. Melee combat is card based with heroes choosing their card and regular troops drawing randomly. Results are the cross referenced on the combat table.

It had been a while since we had played perhaps a year or more but the mechanics came back quickly.  Nate and Matt hadn't played before and picked it right up. 

Here's Matt's report battle-troll-pig-hunting-in-fjords
Here's the rules at  Wargame Vault

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