Monday, July 9, 2018

Missed a month.

The one hobby activity I missed out on in June was writing a blog post. I had started one and it's still in the draft stage but it needs a little more work. I did get some painting in but nothing was finished. Flashing Steel and Disposable Heroes were played and both provided a great game.

This month saw the start of a new aspect of the Hobby, casting miniatures. I had some old equipment from when I was a kid and had bought some molds about a year ago but hadn't used them. I had a few hours before work so gave it a try. I got the basics OK but will need a few more times to improve the results. It's pretty exciting producing the figures by yourself and I can see this being fun way to do a new project.

The Prussians from a newer rubber mold came out fairly well the Native Americans from an older metal mold not so good. Practice should help.


  1. Casting your own figures would be an interesting facet of the hobby.

  2. Very cool to cast your own figures. Especially if you can do special or unique ones. 😀