Monday, January 13, 2014

Army recruitment.

As I thought of how to build my army or which armies to model I looked at the models available from Spencer Smith. The obvious choice would have been British troops but there weren't any historical opponents. Next was Franco/Prussian War but I had that in 15mm. I then thought of a American Canadian conflict set in the 1890's. A little research showed that there was quite an array of uniform types available to both sides with the colorful City militias on the american side and dress uniforms of the Canadians. I ordered the first troops based on this.

However, while on vacation I saw a box of Britans figures in a museum in Uruguay  and thought why not build units based on countries I'd been to. I felt this would add to the interest of the units and be a souvenir of sorts. Back to researching to see how plausible this would be.  Well is seems most countries based uniforms on the British, French or Prussian model so figures were available and color guides could be found.

So there we have it. Units based on places I've been. Now it's off to planing a trip to Scotland because I want a unit in kilts:-)

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