Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Back and Forth

As we approch the end of the year it's time for the traditional End of Year post. 2016 has been agood year for gaming. Twenty three games were played. These were largely A Gentleman's War and Flint and Feather but also included Chain of Command, Sharpe Practice, Light Bobs, The Men who Would be Kings and SAGA. This last being particulary good as it included several new gamers who have moved into the area.

On the painting front 208 figures have been painted which gets me 4 figures ahead of purchases. The year has finished in the black and there are 26 more figures close to completion on the workbench which may be added to that total. Of course 20 figures from a Kickstarter may arrive at any moment. If I don't open the box until 2017 can I keep them out of 2016s number?

Huzzah and Fall In were visted. Huzzah for a day with two games played and some shopping. Fall In for the day only no games played and very little shopping but some the purchases made fit nicely in with current projects.

Looking forward to 2017 I hope to get some more gaming in. Joining the Six by Six challange(TheStrongholdRebuilt) should provide the motivation and frame work for this goal. I haven't figured out the complete list of games but will in the next week Sharpe Practice2, SAGA and A Gentleman's War are on it.

Choosing which games to play will dovetail into what gets painted. The goal is to have the figures and terrain needed to play the games. I'll focus on four periods. AWI, WWII, NWF and Gangsters. Certainly other periods will show up but these will be the main periods. I have the figures and bits of terrain for all of these but not enough for a decent game.

New periods for the New Year. SAGA may require some new figures I have enough for a 4point Viking force but am interested in Irish or maybe Arturians for the new supplement. The Pikeman's Lament will be released in the beginning of the year and will cause the purchase of figures. I'm on the fence about which period to do. TYW or Scanian war. Maybe GNW. There's no rush as I have pleanty of unpainted lead on hand.

There's the outline of my plans for 2017. Next december will see how it works out. Here's a couple of photos from the last games played.

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