Friday, May 11, 2018

Flashing Steel and Paper Buildings.

Howard and I got together for a second try of Ganesha Games Flashing Steel  . Howard made the scenario and brought the buildings. I provided the table and beer. Neither of us had read the rules recently and we relied on our previous game for how the game went. The scenario had me as a gallant and handsome rogue accused of thievery and pursued through town by the Watchmen assisted by nosy citizens and lackeys. I was aided by a young lady who besides her charm was adept at disarming the guards she encountered. Here's a few photos of the midpoint of the game.
The action starts at the Tavern on the top right.

Looking up the street towards the stables.

The action heats up.

As in all towns everything happens near the fountain.

I look for a chance to get past the Guards.

A concerned busybody point me out to anyone who would listen.

We had a great time and the rules are fairly easy to grasp. The rulebook is a little difficult to follow and I would say part of it is me using a PDF instead of a hard copy. There's lots in the book to create characters and add color to the game. 

The building were very nice. Thick card colored with detailed interiors. Check them out here.

More on the game at Howard's blog
Thanks for reading.


  1. Paper buildings look really good!
    Sounds almost like a RPG.

    1. They are nice and the price is very good. The game falls between RPG and wargame. Very much scenario driven.

  2. Wonderful figures and buildings!

  3. We'll need to try it out one time or even Songs of Muskets and Tomahawks.