Friday, December 7, 2018

Colorized Comic Book Flats.

Out of the pages of history.

This week we met at Toywiz to play A Gentleman's War. Not wanting to lug Two hundred pounds of 40mm figures around Howard suggested we use the AWI Comic Book flats he has been amassing. The figures look great and Howard has done some converting to get a wider range of units. We could pretty much just set these figures out on the table and tell stories all night and it would fine, playing a game with them is that much more fun.

So on to the game. We set up a meeting engagement but as things turned out the Patriots were on the defensive and unable to coordinate any attacks. The pictures will tell the rest.
The Patriot line.

Green Mountain Boys.

The British advance.

Continentals move up.

The British move on a face card.

A picture from behind the Patriot line.

Same position as above but showing the figures better. 

Green Mtn boys move up with artillery support.

The British push through the woods.

The Militia brigade prepare to fire.

Skirmishing on the left.

Things heat up on the right.

The British take some casualties.

Then move in with cold steel.

Butler's Rangers converted from Indians.
  The one lesson I learned was to always take pictures of flats from the side or a 45 degree angle. The game was lot's of fun and many there were happy to see the legendary figures from the past.


  1. I could tell stories about these comic book flats too.
    Are these flats available via eBay?

    1. They can be found but rarely. I'd guess most have been burned, shot with BBs or put in a landfill.

  2. Yeah, they're available sometimes, but at very inflated prices (naturally). Over the years I've managed to collect the equivalent of maybe 3 sets, but have essentially given up on ever finding more I can afford.

    Chris Johnson

  3. The figures look very effective and nicely painted.

  4. All Howards handiwork. His comment was "you only have to paint two sides instead of all the way around.

  5. Great to see those fine old toys back in use.

    1. It's even greater to play with them. Not to rub it in:-)

  6. That's just the way they looked in my head when I saw those ads as a kid.

    1. Yes, my brother got the smaller 3d figures not at all what we had in mind especially compared to the quality of Airfix figures

  7. Lovely pictures and very nice figures.This brings back a lot of memories!!! Keep posting please