Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It's not February yet!

It's hard to believe January is almost gone. As is the custom I had meant to write a 2018 year in review and plans for 2019 but I just couldn't get it done. I spent plenty of time reading others reviews and plans.

How did my plan go? Not so well. I wasn't able to get a campaign going for Flint & Feather or Battle Troll. AWI skirmish never panned out and the Portable Wargame stayed put. This is not to say games were not played. Swashbuckling was well represented through Flashing Steel and En Guard. WWII was on the table both in 15mm and 28mm. A Gentleman's War had several outings. Twenty three games for the year, not bad.

The paint table got a fair amount of use with 158 figures being painted 53 more than what I bought. That should be qualified as I did something I hadn't done in years and bought 76 painted Medieval figures(Perry plastics) these aren't included either of the above numbers. The deal was just too good to pass up at a little over $2.00 a figure. None of my projects are complete but a nice good number are getting closer.

2019 has gotten off to a slow start as for games with only one played so far. Tomorrow should see another game and some figures finished. I set a budget for gaming for the first time hoping it will give me a little more discipline. So far I've spent 12% of my figure budget on figures I hadn't planned on ( see Medievals above). 25% of my rulebook budget and 50% of the terrain/other. I feel like a politician.

The plan for 2019 is to complete the GNW figures to be used with A Gentleman's War, Paint the Perry Agincourt Knights I just bought and get a few more games in.

Here's a few photos from this years first game which was a test of Chainmail Bikini.


It uses a similar engine to Flint & Feather. Howard was testing the combat mechanism so we got right into the fighting without regard to  scenario objectives or story line. Just a knock down drag out fight.

Some of the blogs I follow and their recaps and plans
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Ok so not much of a recap but this is one of the most inspirational blogs I follow.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the other bloggers out there for taking the time to share their hobby.


  1. Even if you did not stick to your 2018 plan, much was still accomplished. Eleven months of 2019 lay ahead. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, all facets of the year were like that. I felt like I didn't do much but in retrospect a lot was done.