Monday, February 3, 2020

Off to a good start

We were able to get three games in this month. The first two were actually a continuation of the same battle. AGW set in the AWI. The King's men were a bit slow to advance but after taking some casualties were able to inflict enough damage on the Americans to force them off the fence however the were unable to bring them decisive defeat.

The Crown's forces defend the chip bowl.

Militia supported by Continentals.

Riflemen skirmishing with Jagers.

Patriot line.

Brunswickers advance

The Crowns forces move in.

24th Foot

The Crowns force secure the fence line.

The battle heats up.

Crossing the river.

Stopped by fire.

Defending the fence line.

The Patriots challenge the regulars.

Melee doesn't go well for the Crown.

The militia are out of the way.

The Grenadiers advance.

Crushed by the continentals the grenadiers are harassed by the riflemen. 

the third game was a play test of Cadre a modern skirmish rule set. Set in Vietnam with a USMC platoon pressuring a mixed NVA and local VC force.
NVA position themselves to slow the American advance.

Overlooking the village defended by the NVA.

American squad takes a hit from a NVA sapper.

Behind the NVA line.

The USMC use the m113 as a base of fire.

Local force VC HMG challenges the USMC.

VC in the bush.


Three great games. I was glad to be able to get the Vietnam figures I had just bought and painted on the table. 

Here's some more AAR over on Matt's blog.

the AWI


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