Sunday, October 8, 2017


I haven't been gaming much these last two weeks nor have I completed many figures. I have been inspired by the blogs of others and this weekend saw three that I felt were particularly great. So here the links to them.

 The Grand Duchy of Stollen were the collection is put up for a Grand Review.

Next a post from Wargaming Miscellany were Bob reports on a game played by a Father and son.

Over on Grid based Wargaming we have the start of a campaign with hand drawn maps and a simple set of rules to allow games to have a bit more meaning.

These are only three of the blogs I follow, about 90 wargame related, but these stood out this week and I thought I would share them. The idea for the share came from Jonathan over at Palouse WargamingJournal

I like the idea of a grand review and plan on doing one for my shiny toy soldiers which was the reason I started this blog until the here's a few pictures of what I finished in the last two months displayed on the board I've made for the Portable Wargame.
Perry Native Americans

Kings Mountain Highlanders

unknown 25mm Colonials

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  1. Dan, your natives look great! Could the Colonials be Frontier Miniatures? A profile might help identify them.