Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 The Plan, part 1 the options.

Time to put into writing what the plans are for 2018. This years plan has been a little more difficult than I expected. The main idea is to work towards making the lead pile smaller while still indulging in purchasing new lead either for existing projects or new ones. As much as I'd like to think that I won't buy any new miniatures past experience has shown it's just not happening. I've always thought that if I was playing a game I should at least have some figures for it but now I have come to the conclusion though that just because I'm going to play a period doesn't mean I need to buy the figures. If someone else already has the figures I'm good to use those. If the group is getting into a new period and army size is small enough I can easily be convinced to buy and paint figures up.

The Figures 

With that in mind I went down to the work room and looked through what I had. An overwhelming experience to say the least. Warring States Chinese in 28mm, WWII Germans in 28mm and 15mm, AWI 28mm unit based and singly, LOTR. I stopped looking knowing there was more.

Of course there's new figure lines that are popping up on the Internet or ones that I've likes for a few years but never pulled the trigger on because of my awesome self control. Here's what I've been looking at recently. GRINGO40S has a Tonkin/French Indochina range coming out, 1898 Miniaturas produce some great looking figures for the SAW a period that's always interested me. There's also FPW 15mm Prussians I'd like to get to battle the French that are already painted.

Then there's the two new periods I've bought figures for but haven't painted any. GNW 28mm and Medieval Knights 40mm.

The que is backing up quickly.

The Games

Last year I was in the 6x6 challenge which gave some form to my gaming. This year challenge will be modified to some degree but what that will be has yet to be determined. 3x6 may be the practical option. The Lion Rampant series is on the list as well as Sharpe Practice. The Portable Wargame has grabbed my interest and can be played with existing armies. I'm still looking for a WWII game on the same scale as Chain of Command and Bolt Action and something to use all the 15mm stuff I have. Saga is releasing a revised version so I'm sure that will get a look. We've played a few one off games of Battle Troll, Mad Dogs with Guns and Flint & Feather but would like to see a campaign of four to six games played with a least one of these. Certainly some favorites will get played and I'd like to do a few games of A Gentleman's War 18th Century using historical scenarios. Song of Muskets and Tomahawks, Flashing Blades and Blood & Plunder were all purchased will most likely see at least some use in the coming year. Oh wait Too the Strongest is having a sale I may need this as I've become interested in gridded wargames.

So there's rule set options laid out. Now it's time to make some choices and work out how to coordinate figure painting and game playing to make it a productive year. 


  1. You are beginning 2018 with the best of intentions and restraint. How long can that last? I will be watching...

  2. I agree that if you’re playing a period/genre that someone else has all the figures for, you don’t need your own. That way you can focus on different periods and then together you’ll have more periods to play.

  3. Yes, I've been sucked into too many projects I wasn't that interested in just because of my "I only want to use figures I painted" policy.