Friday, December 8, 2017

Blasting away at The Empire.

Thursday saw us on a distant planet in a galaxy far away. Howard suggests Empire, Matt thinks Star Wars and I pack up a model from 1968.

Matt set the game up and used Mad Dogs with Guns as the rules. they worked well for this as Pulp games mostly vary by setting. I didn't get a lot of pictures as the game was moving quickly with lots of action.

Rebel forces assault the storage bunker.

Luke skirts the village to attack the Power generator.

Jabba and crew party down in the club.

Empire HQ

Moon bus getting on the table again after 49 years.

Han Solo blowing open the door to HQ. It didn't go well.
For a more detailed report and some great photos check out Mad Wookies with Blasters, its a trap.


  1. Did you have starwars playing in the background? 😀

    What figures are those?

  2. Only when we were humming it. The figures were Matt's from some collectable type game.