Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hits and misses of 2017

Although there are a few days left in the year it's time to look back on the plans for 2017 and see what was achieved. A broadly laid plan was posted here at the end of 2016. I can't say that everything was completed but I do feel it was a successful year.

The NWF project fell by the wayside. The Gangsters saw a 40" x 30" table set up and enough figures for about three players painted. I'd still like to get some npc figures and more cars painted. AWI had a few more figures painted, a few feet of rail fences done and a I got few games in but not the Sharp Practice games I had planned on. My US forces for WWII in 28mm are pretty much complete and another squad of Germans were added. In 15mm some mortars, HMGs and 105mm artillery were painted.  I finished the last of my units for the 40mm Shiny Toy Soldiers so that project is finished except for the four bags of figures in the drawer😀. A few more vikings were added to my forces but still I need about eight more archers. This covers most of the planned gaming and painting but as is the habit of wargamers there were several unplanned games and figures that were painted but not part of the scheduled projects.

I covered the gaming aspect of the year in a post last week. the 6x6 challenge and other gaming As with the games painting covered a wide range of eras. Warring States Chinese had a chariot added, the Cave troll was finally painted, Skralings, Hurons and Iroquois were added to the collection, War of 1812 US Dragoons saw the dreaded cloudy varnish on them and then to add insult to injury I dropped them all while carrying them downstairs. Last of all I succumbed to temptation and bought some second hand Darkest Africa figures most were painted but some were only primed. I finished these off as well as a pack of figures I had bought several years back.

The stats for buying/painting worked out to 202/328. A pretty good year of painting if I say so myself. With the exception of the Darkest Africa figures I was fairly disciplined about buying figures most were small purchases of random figures for projects I was working on or knew I only needed a few more figures. The other big purchase was figures for the GNW which will be on the schedule for this year.

So I missed a few of the goals I had set but did some other things that I hadn't planned on but hey it's a hobby and I had fun. Another thing I did get to do was visit the Wargame exhibit at the Armemuseum in Stockholm, Sweden. This has to be one of the best exhibits I've seen,truly a work that showed the passion and knowledge of the curators.
My blog post trip-to-army-museum-in-stockholm-sweden

Here's a few posts by others I follow showing their year in review. All great stuff.
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Plans for 2018 will be worked out over the next few days and posted for a final reckoning in December 2018.


  1. We should combine efforts on a NWF as i am also wanting to get this period on the table (and the Sudan). Maybe a 4x4 challenge?
    Pikeman's lament
    Men who would be king
    Battlegroup series (15mm ww2) or Blitzkrieg Commander
    4. ???

    1. Certainly, I'd like to try all the Dan Mersey Osprey rules.
      15mm WWII definetly in the running.

    2. I have Pikeman's Lament. We can try with Samurai.

  2. I think 328 miniatures painted for the year is quite good! Keeps the lead pile about even. But all in all sounds like you’ve had a successful gaming year, as long as fun was had. 😀

  3. Thanks Dan for the blog shout. Best Wishes for the New Year.