Friday, March 2, 2018

Marching into March

March is off to a good start. Continuing to refine A Gentleman's War AWI we fought a scenario based on Bemis Heights. The Patriots objective was to capture the two redoubts while the British were charged with stopping them.
The British right redoubt.

The Patriot left

The Patriot right

The Americans got off to a slow start and the British moved up to prevent any assault.

Finally the Americans on the right were able to close on the redoubt with the Continentals followed up by the Militia.

3rd NY assaults redoubt

On the British right the Brunswick Grenadiers and Rangers moved to push back the Americans. However after defeating one regiment the Grenadiers were attacked from behind by the Patriots and destroyed along with the Brigade Commander.

A decent victory for the American forces. 

The game took about three hours including set up and part of breaking down. 
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  1. Nice looking game Dan, impressive redoubt and beautiful figures!

  2. 3 hours is pretty good for a game.
    Table looked great!