Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Two months in.

One of my goals this year was to complete projects so that I would have the figures, terrain and rules for 2-4 players in a given period.So how's that going? My gangster project is almost at that point. I've picked Mad Dogs with Guns as the rule set. I've 12 gangsters painted all fromCopplestone Castings with another dozen primed and ready. A little over a half dozen buildings, a mix of Plasticville and 4Ground, and a few cars.

I'm using foamboard as the base for the roads and the buildings. Switching to MDF later is probably the better choice but the foamboard is easy to work with and less expensive. The table is 29x40 inches. It could use a little green. I'm working on a park with a fountain and iron fence around it.

This puts me at about 65% complete for this project. Another dozen and a half figures, two to three buildings and a park should finish it off. Next month I plan to focus on Sharp Practice finishing up terrain and figures.

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