Thursday, March 30, 2017

29 Let's Go the assault continues.

We got another CoC game in tonight. This time I played the Germans along with Howard. Nate and Matt were the Americans. Once again it was tough going for the Americans. They were rolling well on the command dice and firing dice.

My well placed LMG came under heavy fire and was pinned almost immediately  and then broke.

Howard moved in to defend a farmhouse only to find the far wall didn't have windows. He then spent a turn or so breaking firing holes into the roof and walls.

Although he took some heavy fire he managed to hold off the assaulting Americans. 

In this scenario I think the Americans would eventually break the Germans. My sections were broken up and I lost both junior leaders. Most of Matt's platoon was in good shape. We stopped due to time but another phase or two would have seen the German units break further.

All in all a good night of gaming.

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