Friday, March 24, 2017

Saga; The Warlord dies again.

The second game of Saga was played last Wednesday. Even though my Warlord Halvar Skullsplitter had been killed in the last game time was short so we went with his stats rather than rolling up a new one.

The scenario was an ambush with Tostig Bloodaxe being the Ambushers and Halvar hoping to get off the board. Alive would be good.

Seven turns to move thirty inches. Seems easy enough. The Vikings move first and the Vanguard is one move closer to the edge. Halvar uses an attribute to move two units at once and the Hearth guard in rear activates twice to tighten up the column. A unit of Anglo-Dane warriors comes out of the woods just behind the Viking Vanguard. Hoping to punch through this blocking unit Halvar orders the forward Hearth guard unit to attack. Not quite prepared for battle the Vikings take extra fatigue but the Anglo-Danes are pushed back.

More Anglo-Danes are attacking on either side of the Vikings.

The Vikings rush to escape the ambush. Halvar takes his Heartguard and attempts to run off through the woods on his left. Unfortunately Tostig has arrived with his Heartguard and Halvar is forced into combat. He fends off several attacks from Tostig but can't get out of his reach. Eventually Halvar succumbs to fatigue and an overwhelming number of hits.

The other Vikings have fended for themselves and are off the board or close to the edge.

With the death of their Warlord the Vikings are searching for a new leader. Still the memory of their fallen leader is etched in the lore of his people.

Another good game. I think we missed a few things, like me losing Saga dice as units moved off the table, but most of the main mechanics were done right. I'll need to study my battle board a little more and search the web for advice on running the Vikings. 

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