Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saga, Death of a Warlord

That would be my Warlord. After a few weeks of scheduling conflicts  we got the first game of the Saga campaign in.

It was a straight up fight between Matt's Normans and my Vikings. Scenario one in the rule book. Clash of the Warlords. I choose two woods and placed them just off the center of the table, Matt placed a hill over on his right flank. I knew the woods would protect me from the fire of the crossbows but didn't realize they offered no protection for melee.

I placed my troops behind the woods and Matt set his up with crossbows near the table center and cavalry on my right flank.

My Vikings moved into the woods where we hoped to make combat difficult for the Normans. Several times I used the ability of the Vikings to force a missile unit to move rather than fire. 

The Normans shifted the cavalry over to their right and then attacked my warriors and Warlord. Pushing back the warriors the Warlord was left exposed. Matt then attacked the Warlord with his mounted Warlord and Hearthguard. Adding a special ability gave him plenty of dice to crush my warlord which he did.

Not a successful game for me but still fun. I had missed a few attributes of my force which may have helped and forgot the victory conditions. I should have pulled back my Warlord as it was turn five and could have fought to a draw or a least not such a catastrophic defeat. 

I think that Saga is a good game that gives a number of decision points to the players. The mechanics are basic for movement and combat but the use of the battle board takes a little thought. 

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