Sunday, March 5, 2017


It was back to Hobby Town Nanuet after their move. Howard and I played a game of A Gentleman's War using the AWI version. I was the British with a unit of regulars, 2 light infantry and 2 light guns. My objective was to destroy the Rebels. Opposing me was a Rebel force of 2 regulars, 2 light guns, 1 rifles and 1 militia.

Immediately after entering the board my regulars and guns were fired upon by the rebels rifles and given a couple of casualties.

Then one unit of my light infantry moved up to attack the rifles on the flank. They attempted to fall back but were unsuccessful and my troops went in with bayonets and destroyed the unit.

My other light infantry moved up along the right flank as the main body slowly moved through the town. The Rebel guns fired upon the column as it advanced forcing it to deploy into line.
 One of the guns moved off to the right and aided the lights in firing on the Rebels lines.

The Rebel infantry moved up and pressured my regulars and light infantry on the right. A militia unit in the woods moved up and poured a withering fire on my troops. The regulars were forced back. Then both my guns were attacked by infantry a forced back. I thought for sure that would be the end of the game but the regulars rallied and the lights started to wear down the rebel guns and infantry.

The American commander decided it was better to leave the field than lose more troops and withdrew. Although the British had forced the rebels back they were in no shape to pursue and fell back themselves.

It was a great game with plenty of tension through out. The firing rules are a little different for the AWI version muskets counting every three figures per die and having a  reload rule. Infantry units are a little larger also with12-24 figures. 


  1. What are the rules your using ? , are they a commercial set ? , Tony

    1. We're using A Gentleman's War. They're available here as a download.

      Lots of fun.