Friday, March 17, 2017

29 Let's go back and get some more support.

Nate and I met at Hobby Town for a game of CoC. We played the second scenario out of the 29 lets go campaign . Once again The Americans were tasked with attacking the Germans and looking capture a jump off marker at the rear of the table.

I remember what had happened the last game and felt I had adjusted my tactics to meet the challenge. A couple of good rolls let me bring on most of my platoon and some support. It was uphill from there. My attempt to advance quickly with advancing fire was crushed by Nate's HMG and the squad in the field consistently rolling five hits each activation Kills and shock started to pile up. I brought up the tank and brought on my Senior leaders to help stop the crumbling of my front line but to no avail. The Sherman was unable to do any damage, several Junior leaders were lost and finally the Sherman was knocked out by the Germans.

I think that I should have brought all my 30 cals on early. Choosing a 50 cal would have been better than the mortar. I'm thinking about the advantage/disadvantage of attaching leaders at long range. Also a little Patience setting up the attack may have helped.

All in all a good game. I'm looking forward to playing again and may even do a practice solo game to work out some ideas.

A few more shots of the action and more detail of the game can be found here

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