Saturday, March 25, 2017

AGW, The French Invasion.

Thursday night found us at Hobby Town. Howard still packed up from running a game down at Cold Wars suggested a game of A Gentleman's War. This is a game I'm always happy to play and Matt showed some interest so that's what we did.

We played with three players and two card decks. I was the brave and stalwart British and Howard and Matt the Frenchies. The opening moves seemed to favor the French on both decks but soon things came around allowing the British to recognize the avenues of approach and adjust accordingly.

On my right I placed a unit of rifles which were quickly eliminated but as the cards started to favor me Matt was unable to take advantage. On the left The women's league rode up on their bicycles to engage the French. They were able to harass the Zouaves and keep their own casualties down by riding away and forward as needed. Great invention that bicycle.

Meanwhile back on the right the Chassuers kept up a galling fire while three line regiments moved up into position to ford the river and assault.

I moved a cavalry unit over to replace the destroyed rifles and poured artillery fire into the advancing French. Back on the left a unit of skirmishers and the Cameroons occupied the woods and fended of all attackers. My attempt to break the French left with an ill advised charge on the Turcos ended as to be expected with the loss of my Lancers.

Howard continued to move up troops but the stalwart British  held them off. The French attack on the  right continued to gain momentum. The flank was threatened by two units of cavalry and although one infantry regiment was destroyed two more were stacked up behind it and continued the advance. 

The hour was late and the British decided they had held off the French long enough and started to withdraw before they lost anymore units. 

This was a great game. It's really the whole package. The figures look good, painted in as toy soldiers with glossy coats but with a modern touch of shading that makes them stand out, the table bright as it may be accents the miniatures, the buildings are just the right blend of toy and model and the rules capture the feel of Old School gaming just as I recall it was.

This is the fourth game we've played this year and puts me close to reaching the 6x6 challenge but I'm sure there will be many more games played before the end of the year. 


  1. I especially liked the ladies with their bikes. Frenchmen would have been greatly distracted.

    1. Yes they're one of my favorite units also. Howard has done a great job of sorting out the various figures available and modifing them to create some neat units. Those are from Irregular.